Stang Boyz Car Club Of Oakland, California

Oakland's Stang Boyz crew is the craziest club you'll probably never get into.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Chris Tang

With more than 2 million 1964.5 to 1968 Mustangs produced, the absence of a dedicated following for the first-gen coupe is surprising. However, there is at least one confirmed case of a club dedicated to the early era Mustang: Oakland, California’s Stang Boyz. One in a small handful of classic collectible Fords, the Mustang has always been America’s favorite Pony car but rarely customized outside the realms of “Eleanor clones” and Chip Foose creations. But on the streets of Oakland, classic Mustangs have always received love. “This stuff goes back before I was born,” explains Stang Boyz president Brian Dunbar. “We’re all about classic cars here in Oakland, especially the Mustang.”

The crew came into fruition in 2002, initiated by a small group of friends and family members. “I remember when we first started, there weren’t many car clubs in Oakland; it was mostly motorcycle clubs,” explains Dunbar. “Car clubs have really turned Oakland around.”

Unlike other local groups that allow for a bit of flex room, the Stang Boyz stand firm on their requirements. “We only allow ’64.5 to ’68 Mustangs,” states Dunbar. “That’s it—there are no other makes, models or years allowed.” From stock paint and factory wheels to candy coating, 20-inch chrome and Lambo doors, all are accepted as long as the genuine love of the car holds true. “If somebody in the crew were to put some big 24s on, we would just have to deal with it, because they have love for the ’Stang, and we accept that,” says Dunbar. “But big wheels really don’t fit on these cars too well; they tear up the suspension.”

Not to be taken lightly on the pavement, the Stang Boyz are quite proud of how their rides look, but it doesn’t stop with aesthetics. Dunbar explains, “This is the home of the sideshow; we swang it ’til the wheels fall off doing doughnuts out of the roof of our coupes, all gas, no brakes. We’re high-speed specialists!”

Transcending the car scene, the Stang Boyz are known for their off-the-boulevard ventures as well. “We make the cars; they don’t make us,” says Dunbar. “We’re known as the best club for everything, even outside of cars. We’re the best in sports, we have the biggest cookouts—even if its dominoes, we’re gonna win. We’re competitors like that!”

The niche mentality goes beyond the cars, though. Unlike other clubs, the Stang Boyz aren’t exactly holding tryouts for new members. “We haven’t really accepted any outsiders. We are all close friends, if not family,” explains Dunbar. “It’s more about the core group and longevity—not expanding and trying to take over the world. Sometimes the big clubs lose their objective; that’s why we’ll outlast them all.”

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