Xplizit Car Club of California | Throwback Thursday

*FROM SEPTEMBER 2010 ISSUE OF RIDES MAG* Cali's Xplizit CC has all the right ingredients for being the next top crew of the West.


Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Barry Hathaway

Car clubs ain’t always about camaraderie; there’s a fair share of drama, too. Fed up with the politics of blue-chip car crews, Xplizit founder and current president Jonathan, along with other members of California’s elite car cliques, decided to create a respected conglomerate that killed off the deficiencies plaguing their former clubs.

For Jonathan’s crew of the moment, turmoil, favoritism and ridiculous sanctions began to take their toll. “All the petty things began to add up,” he explains. “They would fine you for not having Armor All on your tires or for being five minutes late to a meeting—that stuff gets old and takes the fun out of things.” This type of annoyance, coupled with a drama-laden atmosphere, was enough motivation for he and other members to move on. “All the big clubs had way too many issues for us,” he proclaims. “So in March of ’09, we decided to do our own thing.”

Rapidly achieving what has taken others decades to muster, Xplizit expanded to roughly 75 members in less than a year and a half. “Other clubs have been around for 10 years and have 100 cars—we’ve been out for a year and a half and have almost as many as them,” exclaims Jonathan. “We’re making history in the show game. Nowhere in the history of the car-show scene has a club grown so big, so quickly—with quality!”

But the growth hasn’t happened without structure. Xplizit feels that most clubs of today lack an integral membership hierarchy. In Xplizit there are three tiers: Probation, Full-flag and Plaque, each offering a goal with rewards. With the system, members have an unambiguous definition of their expectations and a clear blueprint for club success and advancement. In addition, Xplizit feels their approach to sharing the spotlight is far superior. “Most of the elite clubs only let their top 10 cars get exposure,” says Jonathan. “But whether it’s a music video or an advertisement, we rotate cars so everyone can get their shine.”

Jonathan insists, however, that things don’t begin with the ride. “First and foremost, you must be dedicated to the club,” he explains. “You have to be a dedicated member; you have to go to shows and meetings, and be responsible about fixing up your vehicle.” He continues, “Sometimes people can have a very nice vehicle but not be dedicated, and we just don’t want a member like that.”

With their numbers growing, Jonathan hopes that the refreshing atmosphere they’ve created will attract others dissatisfied with their current club. “We’re on our way to becoming the top crew in California,” he says. “We’ve already taken out the number-three club, so there’s just two more to go. We should be there in another year.”

-SEPTEMBER 2010 issue of RIDES Magazine

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