Squat Leader: 1987 Candy Box Caprice

"JT" Thompson leads the class in the "School of Squat."

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Whips By Wade

There isn’t a pioneer of “squatting,” and you can’t give one person or crew sole responsibility for jump-starting the movement. More than likely, squatting became popular decades ago, a result of heavy sound systems and springs with mad mileage. Regardless, if you’re on Facebook and are a student of the “School of Squat,” then you definitely know one of its professors, John “JT” Thompson, and you certainly recognize his ride. JT’s 1987 candy Box Caprice has been the online poster boy of “squattage,” a term JT holds claim to. With multiple sets of 26- and 28-inch DUB spinners tucked neatly under the quarters, not to mention a rear bumper so low it almost throws sparks, JT is undeniably a Squat Nation vet.

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