2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat: A Higher Level

If money was no option and personal expression was a prerequisite, this Ford F-250 could be the perfect off-road vehicle.

Story: Michael Crenshaw

Photography: Andrew Link

When Casey Pedula builds a project vehicle, he goes to the nines. Not only does this Florida native spend countless hours researching—even designing one-off prototype parts for his rides—but he also spends more time communicating with shops and fabricators than most. Calling him fanatical would be selling him short. The work is evident, as is the time taken to research parts and shops that wouldn’t simply take the work but would accept the challenge. Casey admits, “I found that most of the guys that are in that [off-road trucks] space are not very adventurous at all. I just took it as an opportunity to build something special, to build something different.” This do-anything attitude took his Ford F-250 from heavy hauler to off-road brawler.

Throwing money at a project won’t help solve your customizing conundrum (shit, it doesn’t hurt), but what will make a big difference is the innovation you put into it. “The moral of the story is that we wanted to push the envelope,” Casey proudly says. Calling numerous shops and top guys in the business led to disappointing conversations, often ending with “That can’t be done” or “We don’t do that.” However, when Casey found a bright spot through Randy’s Offroad (an off-road compound based in middle-of-nowhere Texas), they worked on the immense 12-inch One Up Offroad four-link lift kit (costing north of 15 large!) you see in that killer orange, with Casey exclaiming, “For all intents and purposes, it’s a custom install, and the first of its kind. You know how it is: When you push a trend, you pay the bucks! I wanted to powder-coat it orange, and he sort of looked at me like I was crazy. He was like, ‘Orange?! Oh, no! You can’t do that!’ And I was like, ‘I can and I will. And this is what we’re gonna do.’”

The white-and-orange color scheme is constant throughout the Ford but not always perceptible until further inspection. For instance, minor things like powder-coating the inside of each bumper and inner wheel hub the same orange as the suspension components makes for a subtle yet killer addition to the overall theme. As the truck was being fabricated, and photos of its existence were leaking throughout San Antonio and all of Texas, Casey received a funny picture message showcasing his white, black and orange wheels. “I got a text from one of my vendors that I had been talking to, trying to find some new and exciting stuff…and it was a picture of my wheels!”

It seems fitting that this burly beast features Fuel Hostage wheels, considering it has captured the San Antonio truck scene in its grips—not to mention the 40-inch Interco SS-M16 tires with M-16 bullet outlines on the sidewall gripping the wheels. If the word “badass” was a visual, this would be the Sistine Chapel.

And it’s not just the overwhelming visual impression that makes you gasp in appreciation. When Casey wanted to really separate his truck, he went over to Dimas Quintana of Abel’s Body & Paint Shop of San Antonio for guidance and someone he appreciated working with. “In the middle of the night, [Dimas] would send me a text saying, ‘Hey, what about this?’ So it’s nice that somebody else is thinking, other than me,” Casey reflects. You might walk right past some of the details on this truck if you’re not paying attention: headlights painted in bed liner material, lights placed inside the bumpers showcasing the suspension at night, even custom 3-D CNC’d badges that say “Super Stroke.” No, that’s not a Ford option, but people have asked. Casey says confidently, “There are five different levels of detail in those. That’s not your mama’s billet badge.”

You also can’t forget about the boogie and soul this “Super Stroke” possesses. As for the boogie, with a Mini Maxx tuner, a four-inch exhaust and an air cleaner, this tuned Power Stroke became super. When it comes to the interior, Casey and Dimas made sure to up the amperage. “I’m walkin’ around the electronics shop that they work with, and all of a sudden, I see these orange speakers, and I’m thinking to myself, Holy shit, I want those. That’s perfect for the color scheme! That’s how the whole interior started, just one little speaker,” explains Casey. Twenty Hertz speakers, three JL Audio amplifiers and two JL Audio subwoofers later, and this Ford expresses as much on the outside as it does inside.

Casey had—no, he required—input through the entire process (though at three and a half months, it was short considering the amount of work) to build exactly what he wanted. The desire was accomplished and a personal expression satisfied. “There’s a balance that you need—to leverage their craftsmanship and their experience with your design,” Casey admits. “The way the people stop and stare makes it worth it. Now it’s time to sell it and move on to the next project. But it was fun. I had a blast!”

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat

Performance: H&S Mini Maxx race tuner; Diamond Eye Performance exhaust; DPF delete; aFe air filter; Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector

Exterior: Fender flares; amp powerboards; Jason tonneau cover; spray-on bed liner; bed LED lights; Fusion custom front and rear bumpers; Royalty Core custom grille; custom headlights; blacked-out taillights and accessory lights; full LED light conversion; HID headlight upgrade; One Up Offroad side step, drop hitch and mud flaps; Top Gunz Customz 12-inch lift kit and dual stabilizer, Night Hawk Black Ops aluminum anodized reservoir shocks; custom wheel spacers; custom suspension spacers and fitment; custom brake lines; driveshaft lengthening; full powder-coat of suspension and associated parts; custom billet side and rear badges; full LED lighting under all wheel wells, front and rear bumper, and powerboards

Interior: Interior footwell LED lighting; full custom upholstery in suede and leather, orange accents, including headliner with stripe, dash, console, pillars, front and rear seats, rear console, embroidered headrests and grab handles

Ice: 20 Hertz component speakers with dedicated crossovers; two 12-inch JL Audio subwoofers, three 2,000-watt amplifiers; five custom speaker enclosures with LED lighting

Wheels/Tires: 24-inch Fuel Hostage wheels; Interco SS-M16 tires, 40/14.50/24