Rez Made Car Club: Reserved For Greatness

Rez Made inspires their members to be the best, and that inspiration lends itself to the greater good in life.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Patrick Lauder

Car club culture is captivating, as its membership is generally spawned from the desire to be connected with others using vehicles as the primary bond. And although some affiliations are as simple as being vehicle specific, others go much deeper to represent their coast, their hood or even—in the case of Rez Made Car Club of Lemoore, California—their reservation.

Rez Made was created five years ago by five Native American members eager not only to represent their love for car culture but to be a positive influence on their reservation. Club president Marcos explains its intentions: “We’re pretty much trying to be an inspiration for Native Americans and for people on reservations. We’re trying to show that to have a nice car, you have to have a good job, etcetera. We’re basically trying to motivate people to do better.”

Although the lowrider influence in their rides is evident, one of Rez Made’s strengths is their vehicular variety, as they don’t cater to just one automotive genre or the other. “We have pretty much everything,” explains Marcos. “We want to go to a car show and have something for every category.” And as its members are dedicated car show junkies, Rez Made varies from other clubs in its objective. “We’re inspired by the bigger clubs, but we’re different from them,” Marcos says. “We ain’t trophy huntin’, and we don’t have all the politics like some clubs; we’re just out there to have a good time and show our cars. We build our cars the way we want ’em, and we try to build stuff that nobody has seen before.” He continues, “We put a lot of money into our cars, and we do it without any sponsors. I see us like an underground rapper; we have the rides, we have the respect, and the fame will come eventually as we continue to push.”

Rez Made is recognized not only for their distinctive rides but for their annual car shows, something they’re eager to further develop. “The last two years, we went really hard,” says Marcos. “We hit all the shows and started doing our own, and it made people more familiar with us.” With the club now 60 members deep, Marcos and Rez Made plan to expand their membership and their show presence across the country. “We have a new member from a reservation in Minnesota whom we met at SEMA,” says Marcos. “We’re trying to branch out across the country, as there are a lot of reservations with people like us.”