2004 Chevrolet Silverado: Staying Grounded

Orange County rider Jose Chavez turned a father’s gift into his dedication.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Andrew Link

Virtually every show-quality vehicle owner began their painstaking and expensive journey to the podium with modest intentions that eventually snowballed into something far greater than originally imagined. Jose Chavez of Baldwin Park, California, had a similar account, but his motivation was far grander, with the simple objective of dedicating the build to his father.

Jose was given the Silverado in 2004 as a gift from his dad and leisurely tinkered with it for years. The project lacked in momentum, unfortunately, until after Jose’s father passed. “I originally wanted to just do bags, Kandy paint and fiberglass,” explains Jose. “But this is dedicated to my dad, so I had to go all out.” Jose enlisted a team of shops and club affiliates, with Danny D and SIK Fabrications taking the lead for the paint and body and the custom suspension work, respectively. The rig was disassembled, and the cab and frame were separated from each other so that each and every piece of the future show-winner could be dipped in either Kandy or chrome.

One of the most daunting tasks on Jose’s wish list was modifying the ride to lay frame on 30s. “Most are bagged on 28s or whatever, but nobody is laying frame on 30s,” says Jose. “[SIK Fabrications] did custom arms and spindles, and they hard-lined the entire truck for the airbag suspension.” To conceal the massive 30-inch Asantis beneath the fenders, an entirely new frame and suspension was fabricated to accommodate the colossal chrome and refined rubber. The original 2004 Silverado front clip was scrapped for that of a 2010 Tahoe and 2011 Escalade mirrors, with suicide doors added to the cab too. In the rear, the bed is seamlessly molded together with sheet metal smoothed out and tubbed. Danny D laid down a tantalizing tone of House of Kolor Kandy Violet, with a multitude of graphics applied over the top coat. And just in case your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied, the Chevy was mounted to a rotisserie, and the belly of the beast was smoothed out and painted as well.

To establish the psychedelic Silverado as being worthy of a “Show and Go” designation, the original 4.8-liter V8 was swapped for a 6.0-liter mated to a custom Gibson exhaust system, tuned by a Superchips Flashpaq programmer, and kept cool by a custom-mounted aluminum Mattson’s radiator. “I needed more power for the big wheels and everything we added,” says Jose. In addition to the beastly muscle added, the business under the hood had to mimic the exterior’s appeal, so the block was painted to match, and Jose chromed every possible piece in the engine bay.

After taking numerous first-place trophies since its completion, deservingly, Jose has some stark words for his competition: “If you’re gonna try to beat me, you’re gonna have to go all out,” proclaims Jose. “I’m pretty much on top of the game. There’s no one I know that can touch me.” He continues, “All the other trucks are on 28s or just tucking. I’m laying frame on 30s, my paint job is crazy. I went all the way.”

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado

Performance: LS1 6.0
motor swap; Gibson headers
and exhaust; custom Mattson’s radiator; Flashpaq performance tuner by Superchips; LS1 Chrome valve covers

Exterior: House of Kolor Kandy Violet patterned-out paint job with leafing; striping done by Danny D; 2010 Tahoe front-end conversion and rear-fender conversion; 2010 Escalade mirrors; suicide doors; unibody; sunroof; custom sheet-metal bed and cowl hood; welded one-piece tailgate; motorized hood and license plate

Interior: Reshaped seats wrapped in peanut butter leather with stingray inserts; suede headliner and Mercedes carpet; Octane Billet steering wheel by Billet Specialties; stainless-steel gauges by US Speedo gauges

Ice: Custom sheet-metal subwoofer enclosure with three 13-inch JL Audio W7s, amplifiers; eight Focal 6-by-9-inch speakers, six 6.5-inch voice speakers; three 15-inch LCDs and one 17-inch LCD fiberglassed in the dash, three 7-inch LCDs; Xbox 360; Alpine in-dash; Scosche power and audio cables; four Kinetik KHC2400 power cell batteries

Wheels/Tires: Asanti 30-inch color-matched AF-143 wheels; Hankook tires, 315/30/30

Suspension: Custom control arms, spindles; Slam Specialties 6-inch bags; VIAIR 480 compressors; nine-switch AVS Billet brass knuckles switch box

Shout-Outs: SIK Fabrications; Danny D Custom Paint & Pinstriping; Custom Dimensions; Asanti; Gibson; Kinetik; Superchips; Nology; VIAIR; Slam Specialties; US Speedo Gauges; Mattson’s Radiators; AMSOIL; New Year Metal Finishing; Electro Metal Finishing Corporation; my supportive family and friends; my Nokturnal family worldwide, and my Orange County chapter, Nok Nok