1967 Cadillac Coupe Deville

This Caddy blends Cali and citrus—and turns out surprisingly sweet.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: David Yates

When sticking with the favored formula, predictable outcomes are anticipated, and even slight deviation tends to yield X-Men-style mutation. Yet, on occasion, altering the prescription can produce a fresh element into the whip game’s periodic table. Opting to agitate the concoction a bit, Port Charlotte, Florida, native Josh Gross compounded particles from selected corners of the tuning universe, and the result was a low-rod fusion worthy of its own unique distinction.

Living in Florida, the majority of the influence for Josh’s coupe actually came from the West. “I wanted something different from the Impalas and all that. You never see a ’67 Caddy,” he explains. “A lot of guys in California have ’em, but not in Florida.” Admitting their stock form leaves a lot to be desired, Josh envisioned the entire build ahead of time. “My painter, Rolando [Gonzalez], didn’t understand why I bought this kind of car at the time,” says Josh. “But I had a vision, and I knew how it would turn out.”

Starting with the skin, Josh enlisted Rolando to work his magic. The two came up with a three-stage Lexus red hue with a Lamborghini Orange base. “I wanted something that looks like candy but isn’t actually candy,” Josh says. “Down here, candy paint fades in two years with the sun. Plus, it’s impossible to touch up.” After the cranberry creation was laid, Rolando went to work on the murals, tattooing Josh’s Caddy with gorgeous depictions of models inside and out. Instead of using his trunk’s multiple-body capacity for amps and subs, he filled the space with more art. “I’m not really into super-loud bass anyway; I like it to just sound really good—and this sounds phenomenal,” says Josh. “I figured all that space back there would be perfect for another mural.”

Josh and his team had to start from scratch under the hood—not that he necessarily wanted to, but it was the hand he was dealt. “The reason we got such a good deal on the car is because, when we got there to pick it up, the motor was literally sitting in the trunk in pieces,” says Josh. Rebuilding the motor from scratch, he leaned on his affinity for lowriders in adding the final touches under the hood. “Chrome is king in the lowrider world, and that’s what I wanted to do,” says Josh. “I chromed the shit out of that motor!”

Sticking with his Down South roots, Josh opted to pass on the lowrider-standard 13s and go big instead. “At first we had some 22s on there, but they looked like 18s,” he says. “That’s why we had to step up to the 24s.” And though Josh’s low sled looks to be complete, he still has one major overhaul left on the agenda. “Next I’m doing an LS1,” he proclaims. “I’m tired of the carb, and I want to take this car to the next level.”

Spec The Technique:

Performance: Rebuilt original 429 V8

Interior: Black leather seats with black ostrich inserts by Nick at Nick’s Custom Trim

Exterior: Custom Lexus red with airbrushed murals

Ice: Eight JL Audio TR 6.5 components, one 12-inch W3 subwoofer, one 500-watt amplifier, one 360-watt amplifier; three 10-inch and four 7-inch LCD monitors; all by Larry at Larry’s Extreme Audio & Tint

Wheels/Tires: 24-inch Status Fang wheels; Nexen 275/25/24 tires

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