1971 Chevrolet Impala

Bringin' back the class, and settin' the bar for luxury.

Story: Alex Bernstein

Photography: Andrew Link

Any good student knows that being head of the class ain’t an easy spot to cop, but cars like this ’71 Impala have no problem maintaining the position. Owner of Bigg E Customs Eric Osceola is no stranger to runnin’ the Donk game; he just hits it with another level of game. Not overdone and leaving no area untouched—that’s his winning combination. “He came up with the whole concept himself, and we just made it happen,” explains Bigg E audio guru Calvin Coker. “And the full gator interior is pretty rare, too.” Damn straight. With all the gator sightings in Southern Florida backyards, it’s doubtful the community minds the copious usage of alligator skin in this ’vert.

Rare is a good thing on the streets of Hollywood, Florida. Technically, white isn’t even a color, which gives good reason for what you see in the Broward County Donk game—bright and flashy. But there’s a reason some of the hottest new cars today are offered in white: When done right, you can’t beat the appeal. With a matching BMW convertible top keeping this Imp close to the sun, it’s no surprise that Eric’s whip is the envy of many. “Dudes are always asking to buy the car,” laughs Calvin. “It’s not going anywhere, though.”

This American beauty packs enough punch to cause a ruckus on command. But if you’re not in the mood to blast tunes, the ’71 has another option for audible pleasure: the 406 big block crammed under the hood. The fully chromed-out motor breathes through a MagnaFlow exhaust that spits out a rumble sweet enough to give your girl goose bumps. So choose your weapon; Bigg E’s got you covered. Let this be a lesson: Being the teacher’s pet won’t get you to the top. It’s about knowledge and execution, both of which Bigg E has on lock.

Spec The Technique:

Performance: 406 big block; MagnaFlow exhaust

Interior: Black alligator upholstery; custom bucket seats

Exterior: OEM white paint; BMW convertible top

Ice: Audiopipe amplifiers, door speakers with custom enclosures and subwoofers in custom white-gator subwoofer box; 10-inch LCD monitors in each door

Wheels/Tires: 26-inch Asanti AF125s; Antyre HP188s, 255/30/26

Shout-Outs: Bigg E Customs

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  1. shorty

    Why do some 1971 Chevrolet Impala’s have a series of slits in the middle of the top surface of the trunk? What was the purpose of them?


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