DFWLX Car Club

This Dallas crew brings together LX fans from miles around.

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Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Costas Stergiou

Somewhere along the line, car clubs came to a fork in the road. One contingent headed toward the podium, where the show cars reigned supreme, and the other focused more on vehicle-specific affiliation. No one is to say which is “better,” but the division is clearly evident.

Roughly five years ago, DFWLX was created to fill a void in the LX community. Centering around the Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum and Dodge Charger, and eventually adopting the Dodge Challenger as well, DFWLX set out to bring together the LX enthusiasts of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolis in hopes that this union would increase the LX knowledge base, strengthen the overall community and provide a positive alternative for those involved.

As opposed to other types of clubs, the true foundation of DFWLX is its members and the family dynamic—providing an atmosphere in which you don’t have to have the most horsepower, the biggest wheels or the best paint to be an active and respected member of the group. The people and cars of DFWLX have much in common but also vary considerably. The members are from all sorts of backgrounds and ages, and their rides range from bone stock to heavily modified, from daily drivers to award winners. The culture created by DFWLX is quite unique, with weekly meet and greets, Member of the Month awards and car show caravans a mile long. The club meets so much, in fact, that there’s a high probability of meeting a new member every time there is an event.

The glue that holds the team together is its leadership, the staff and member participation. Club president Pedro Murillo explains, “The club continues to run so well because of the overwhelming participation. We [the leading members and staff] might put forth a lot of effort into recruiting or planning, but it only pays off when our members show up and support—it really keeps us going.” That participation is the only club requirement. “We don’t sit here and tell you what to do with your car; the only thing we ask is for you to participate,” proclaims Pedro. “We don’t ask for any dues—people donate their talents and time, and we are operated by our members for our members.” With more than 300 active enthusiasts and over 50 club participation awards earned, the DFW contingent is as strong as ever, with no sign of losing momentum.

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