RIDES Approved: The Top Ten Luxury & Exotic Cars Of SEMA 2012!

We sort through the big money whips to find the cream of the crop.

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  • rides-sema-2012-best-luxury-exotic-1
    There may not have been many Infiniti FXes here, but this one held it down for the brand nicely.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-2
    Red and black on a Ferrari is an untouchable choice.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-3
    RENNTech CLS63 AMG on those ADV.1s. Sexy.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-4
    Shades of gray.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-5
    Expensive whip, matte white, Platinum Motorsport. Wonder who this belongs to...
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-6
    First Caddy ATS we've seen, and it looks fresh.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-7
    Like a solid block of copper.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-8
    There are quite a few Aventadors here, but this one was the best.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-9
    You won't see many Mulsannes rolling on rims that large.
  • rides-sema-2012-luxury-10
    R-Class eye catcher!


Luxury and exotic whips are always popular choices at SEMA—after all, if you’re gonna show off your wares, it makes sense to do so on a car that lends your product some class. So picking out the top ten examples was a bit tougher than choosing the ten best trucks and new school muscle cars. But it’s our job to make the tough decisions, so we walked the halls and chose the top ten luxury and exotic cars at the show. Check ‘em out in the gallery above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.