RIDES Approved: The Top Ten Trucks Of SEMA 2012!

SEMA's best trucks, as chosen by your favorite custom car magazine.

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  • rides-sema-truck-matte-slammed-dodge
    Sittin' low, murdered out, and looking lethal—this Dodge Ram Dually made us stop and stare.
  • rides-sema-truck-escalade-slammed
    The Escalade EXT's been around for a bit, but it's still fairly popular among truck nuts looking for that luxury edge.
  • rides-sema-truck-dually
    Dodge wasn't the only one bringing slammed duallys to SEMA. Scope this hot Ford Super Duty...
  • rides-sema-truck-white-super-duty
    Taking giant trucks and lowering them is hot, but we'll always have a soft spot for honkin' big rigs raised up towards the sky.
  • rides-sema-truck-jeep
    The Jeep Mighty FC Concept may look old-school, but it's based on the new Wrangler under the skin—and this one-off was whipped up by Jeep themselves.
  • rides-sema-truck-raptor-black
    The Raptor is as badass as trucks come from the factory, but there's always room for improvement. Spraying bedliner on the sheetmetal certainly adds to the off-road-ready look.
  • rides-sema-truck-green-chevy
    Forget fiberglass? Well, with a truck like this in your booth, we'll listen to whatever you have to say—no matter how ridiculous it might be.
  • rides-sema-truck-gray-f-150
    The F-150 was one of the shorter trucks at the show. Clearly, these guys are of the "size doesn't matter" mindset.
  • rides-sema-truck-gold-ram
    Got enough gold for ya on this Dodge Ram?
  • rides-sema-truck-cray-jeep
    Like the Mighty FC, the Jeep J-12 is another Chrysler-made Wrangler-based one-off truck. And like the Mighty FC, we wanna take it home.
  • rides-sema-truck-beer
    All right, it's technically not one of our ten fave trucks from SEMA, but on a hot Vegas day, how could we turn down a sight like this?


Every year, we treck out to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show to check out what’s new in the car world, and every year, we’re bombarded with more custom cars than we know what to do with. This year was no exception.

But instead of just throwing them all your way and lettin’ you sort through them, this year, we decided to go all American Idol and judge them for ourselves. So we walked every hall of the 3.2 million square foot Las Vegas Convention Center to scope out everything, then we picked the ten best whips in each of several categories. For Day One of the show, we’re gunnin’ for trucks. So check out our choices, and let us know whether you agree or not that these trucks deserve the RIDES stamp of approval.