Audio Buyer’s Guide: Amplifiers

The top of the heap in this year's amp realm.

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  • Kicker DX600.5
    Kicker DX600.5
    If you believe in keeping it simple Kicker’s new hybrid five-channel amp should find its home in your trunk. Packing the best of both worlds into one neat and tidy package, the DX600.5 houses 300 watts over four channels for your speakers with another 300-watt Class-D mono channel for your sub. There’s more than enough power to get it bumping in your whipper pill without having to hook up multiple amps. <a href=""></a>; $450
  • audison-Thesis-HV-Venti
    Audison Thesis HV Venti
    Audison’s history of sonic perfection speaks for itself. Their Thesis HV Venti is the choice amplifier if you want to turn your whip into a concert hall. Using a dual-power configuration, the HV Venti allows you to set up its outputin either Hi Current or Hi Power to perfectly match up to your speakers’ impedance and power needs. <a href=""></a>; $12,000
  • Precision Power Black Ice
    Precision Power Black Ice
    Precision Power celebrates three decades in the game this year, and you can bet they’ve got more than enough knowledge to drop on their newest amp line, Black Ice. With overcompensated, high-headroom power supplies, this amp line is capableof producing more than the typical power gain when loaded down to two ohms. The heat-formed Lexan cover makes these amps as pretty to look at as they are to listen to. <a href=""></a>; $TBA

Story: Andrew Link