Staging a Coupe

LSE Design builds 2-door Range Rover

A few months ago, Land Rover teased us all with a blurred out photo of what looked to be a coupe version of its Range Rover SUV. Though no official developments have surfaced since then, LSE Tuning out of the UK has stepped up to the plate for those that just can’t wait for things to take shape.

The tuner will be manufacturing 100 of the 2-door Range Rovers pictured above. With a 500+ HP engine, full carbon fiber body, and glass panoramic roof, they don’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘understated’.

And if the $200,000 price tag doesn’t sound high enough for ya, there’s an option to ice-out the speedometer with stones at each 10mph increment. Hey, being a pioneer is rarely cheap.

Source: Piston Heads



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