The G.O.A.T.

Hi-Riser Showdown 1st Place Muscle

This ’66 GTO might possibly be the Greatest Of All Time.

  • http://rides EHATT

    BEAUTIFUL well put together whip love it it’s insane hottest i’ve seen yet.

    • Chill

      I remember this when it had the “floaters”. Greatest of All Time

  • http://rides nano

    nice fuckin car man
    but i got a got a question for u bro what brand r those rims killer???

    • Yoshi aka Yoshiggedy

      Aye I Think Those Da Hypnotic C-Notes

      • GRaffItianDRideS

        yea they are

    • J-Raibs

      Hypnotic Wheels they have some sweeter rims than that to check em out

  • Rated”G”

    Real talk, dis gotta be one of the hottest i’ve seen yet. I expected to see a fair share of Box chevys, donk chevys, bubble chevys, and some nice g-bodies but damn. Dis GTO is off da chain, no lie. Dem Hypnotik wheels is da truth and dat paint scheme is too. I give all props to everybody who put in work on dis car. 100

  • ford

    A man this GTO look good sounds keep it up hommie

  • dirtyred

    That damn GTO is off the chain cuz.

  • matt hall

    wat kind of rims r them

  • demecoj

    no shitting man dis the real thing man, dam could have been mine

  • scott jenkins

    nice ride where did you get the work done and who did it if u did it niceeeee

  • 84 ss monte killin

    marcus keep up the good work.i remember u had wood all through that thang…803 all day!

  • Dee

    The G.O.A.T is sweet as hell keep it up cuz

  • lee

    i will give u 180 thousand 4 dis car

    • willyb

      180 thousand i.o.u’s you lying sack of shit

  • ezy

    dat shit hot

  • Dizzle

    this is one of the top five hottest whips in the 4 isues of donk mag. keep up the good work ps: id buy that for 100.00 too!

  • Los

    Dawg dats tha meanest GTO on the street for real.
    waz tha price on dis?

  • Yung T

    Its crazy wat some people can do with a classic like dis car.

    • 74buick

      clean azz car player

  • http://rides-mag C DUB

    dats cold as hell

  • Boyd

    I am sorry to all the rest of the big bodies out there but this is the big body of all big bodies…soon to cry over this one

  • sam woods

    Now this is Old Skool! Just think what people’s faces would have looked like if they had this back in 1966. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • darius

    The rims and paint are supa fresh

  • LR_Bloodgame

    Dem rims throed bro.

    • shaquille

      like you a real blood dont write that shit again

    • shauille

      fuck you niggayou anint shit come to california and name any place you wanna fuck with the real set bitch azz nigga

    • shaquille

      why yo punk self ant wrote back chump

      • You a retard

        I hate when bitches talk shit on the net…come to GA where we dont give a fuck about sets….

  • AJ

    Man i got a 79 and 86 cutlass, right along with a 78 monte close to donk status bro. its gonna be hard to reach your level though bro. Keep it up!

  • jl

    nice c-note homie

  • brandon mitchell

    That 66 tempest custom is clean u need to change the rear lights if u want it to be a true 66 gto clone

  • Vincenzo

    Really nice ride, but it’s not a GTO, it’s a ’66 Tempest. I know, I had one. The taillights are different on a GTO. And the front parking lights are located in the grill on a GTO

  • http://myspace jarques


  • Louis vislagga

    this car sux ass

  • Titus

    To whom it may concern; anyone out there with information about the Nort Carolina donk called “The Incredible Hulk” green machine, featured in this months issue. Please email or call 860-216-6974. Thank You.

  • Eric

    Check out the wheels @ , NEW SITE , NEW WHEELS , ENJOYYYY.


    These wheels are from HIPNOTIC WHEELS check out this wheel and many more at

  • Sucks

    those fucking rims are shit

  • Leezy Lee

    Nice ass wipe Cuz………….Goo Woo

  • Big D

    this bitch is of the chain from theb wheels to the paint inside and out

  • Whatever

    I like all kinds of cars, even these have a strange appeal. What I don’t understand is why most everyone that posts on here seems like their fucking retarded. I’m not a hater but why in god’s name would you put something in print if you can’t spell and have no grammatical skill what so ever?
    You might as well just say ‘Hay world, look at how ignorant I am!!’
    Is it cool to talk (or in the case write) incorrectly? I’d love to see what some of your resumes look like…and you wonder why you don’t have a job…

  • Gator

    This GTO is ill, fo real…Im a fan of muscle cars and u can hardly find these even rid’n on the road any were… on the scale of 1 to 10 i give this a 10.5

  • jnice

    what color is the paint?

  • Demetrius Wilson

    Your whip changing the game. What color scheme do you have going?

  • Dan

    thats gun!

  • Rob

    That’s a ride that all the ballers and rappers should be trying to get their hands on.


    Your car is off the chain I’m lovin it.

  • Hardtop

    Hey man that 66 lemans is tight bro i was wondering if you could help me finds some parts for mine i got a 67 drop tempest that i’m working on any help would be appreciated. whats under the hood? i’m from S.Carolina it’s hard to find parts for my car.

  • A-ron

    The car looks real good.The rims are too big.Sell’em and put some rims on there that look better.And the rest of you folks that post on this issue need to learn how to spell.You dont know nothing about musle cars.


    “GTO” “TEMPEST” what eva dat bitch is ssmmoookin stop hatin bitches

  • *5starG*


  • Mec-One

    Shave 3″ off the top ….. winner!

  • Hardtop

    What it do nice yak man i got the drop top “67” im workin on need some parts like a trunk an the grill an header panel if any body can help me with these parts email me every body keep them whips up!!!!!

  • Creme777

    The Owner did what he wanted to and it clean an i aint seen anyone with a car like ….we out here in 954 an 305 DONK is a Miami thang PERIOD..But you gotta give credit where credit is due.. and face the reality if not you just hating…85% people hate n fake n born followers..and dont shave shit..youll singly handle will ruin it

  • Deanna

    Those wheels are ridiculous. But in a good way.

  • Your Mother

    These should be illegal. Not just because they are stupidly useless, or hideously ugly, or ruining good cars to turn them into a fad that will be dead in 10 years just like the ricer craze, just like the minitruck thing before that, just like the lowrider fad before that, just like the van craze before that…But no, they should be illegal because, unlike the other fads I mentioned, this is the only one that puts other people’s lives in jeopardy for the sake of having people point and laugh at you.

  • birdman

    i just cam

  • nicholas tunstall

    dat shit look hard

  • shaina

    what color is the paint job?

  • zoe boii

    man dhats my car

  • Dirty D

    ooooooooooooo…..weeeeeeee. that just aint fair for anybody else that got a goat. I love gto’s and that boy right there is done to perfection.