Blue Balls

Hi-Riser Showdown 2nd Place Donk

Dallas Maverick J-Ho’s Donk is so fly, even its doors erect.

  • 84 ss monte killin em

    the wheels really set the car off…great job dreamworks.u guys will be seeing me soon!

  • dreddyredd

    a clean example. not too much shit on it,its got class.

  • nick

    All I got to say is Funky, Funky, Funky. Keep killin da town….

  • russ

    great job . u would never have 2 worrie bout blue balls in this ride.

  • robert jackson

    dear robert jsckson need for me something please too where from you luck toll know very u really like but that

  • Joe

    Man that’s nice ride…punk…lol j.k

  • 86 SS Monte Carlo 305

    Tight work homeboy

  • Chay

    Dats mi future ride…lol

  • jigga

    all i got to say. just give creidt where credit is do.

  • J@Sh

    J-Hov Reppin the tre-4

  • skyler

    man that car is sick i would love too drive that ride … did a good job man its colour is hott$ your boy:

  • Kevin

    Nice whip I have alot of pictures of old schools on my website its check it out over 500 pictures

  • laroy johnson

    man i drew this exact same car any body know how i can post

  • Demetrius Wilson

    Man I like this ride. Could you tell me what color is this on it?

  • guttableek
    slide by n say waz good

  • rob

    nice donk . need some help i have a 73caprice vert need 2 know were 2 get front an back bumpers

  • http://myspace tbaby

    Nice ride this ride is what’s up.

  • 51/50 middle tn

    main this car the shit i would ride all day in dat bitch

  • http://yfly cj tolliver

    fucc all yall bkitches Bk all Day SK All Day C^B Down 276 All Day 6lacc SK8^tandk Upk

    • LOc Dog

      all day mi nicca tolliver 187 slobk killaz…Clattt
      17th Street Mafia Caaaarip

      • MURDA1

        Fuck all u rips Bitch made c-food ass fake wanna be boyz in the hood hoe ass homo thugs….Recognize Game Blood 6deuce Brim$ 4LIFE LYNWOOD,CA 62ND&SLAUSON ALL DAY WHERE BITCHES LIKE YOU GET PUT ON HOE AVE….WALK IT BITCH!!! DAT 1 CLLD MURDA1 PIRU LUV TIL T.E.O.T

        • http://google mary

          fuck you too hoe but i respect that blood gang shit thats dope

    • kole mullens

      waz crackin cuz rollin 60z

  • GIL

    Damn! Thats a sweet ride. Clean, Clean, CLEAN.. What kind of rims are those? They make the car come out more than it is already. Later…GIL

  • jose

    man this car is smokin boy. and i wounder how much did it cost

  • LILCED305