360 Slam Donk

Hi-Riser Showdown Best Interior

360 Motorsports floored this ’73 Donk.

  • http://kingofthestreet.com donkryder

    27s tuck tight like it

    • http://www.rollingbig.com shatonia

      okay okay its nice

    • http://www.myspace.com Lil Ek

      bitch ass niggas i got a 360 donk with a greenish paint shop and with a blastin system that will knock a persons teeth of kkuz dkats how we cobras do fukk all the Dk’ out there sypo kkilla niggas run up and get gunned up

      • AlHussle

        learn english….. thats a nice ride.

      • OBI


  • Bryce

    damn i like da color and da fact dat its a chevy

  • pretty ricky

    yo i have da same 73 sitten on dem 24’s but now i think imma upgrade to wut u rydin on pimp

    • http://www.rides-mag.com titus

      YOu now u lieing get it together, and plus yall broke up. Its like yal go out, fuck 305, its all about 561, PALM BEACH COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 954 & 305

        fuck 561 nigga

  • jamiel

    i know dude dat owns this car and that shit is fire. he reppin my city right and ima let him and his crew flip my buick lesabre

  • Johnny Mcgee

    Like the chevy dogg,I have a 76 I’m working on where can I find a grill

  • lil gerald

    them aint no damn 7z 4z at the most

    • bigg

      they only make them in 7z folk. u need 2 stay up on tha rim game mane!

  • Austin Powers

    That car is dope but everything on the inside was done by my man Mike Carroll ,the owner of Poor Boyz Interior, not by 360 Motorsports. Mike did everything but the rims and paint. I mean everything! You all should check him out he does all the big boys ChuckTown. He is the dopest interior man in South Carolina. His shop is right off of Cross County Road in North Charleston

    • Melody Tucker

      I really like your car! My first car was a 1972 Chevy Impala. I am in the process of restoring it, I am a female. Can you suggest anyone to me in Columbia, SC? I don’t want to be taken advantage of because I am female.

      Holla back

  • http://myspace.com/yoshiggedy843 Yoshi aka Yoshiggedy

    Datz My Nigga Jay In Ladson, I’mma See Him 2 Get My Vic Rite, Hol Em Down Nigga, Ya Awready Know.

  • ken

    green papaer,street maser it hot than dam femaless
    like its colour its my yest of paradise!

  • SOSA

    Niggas hate so much. My man shit nice & da niggas hateing aint even got shit all these cars that made the site dope but haters keep me motivated

  • http://donk.com young_mooney

    yo man g yo car is raw is a bitch

  • b.mike

    hey man where did u get the impala rear view mirror.

  • tarik

    dat is hot

  • pimpc

    fuck dat box chevy im bout to put 42 inch rims on my shit

  • Jai Teramino

    Nice Car, wish i could see what the interior look like!

  • http://none tahjweber

    fuck dat shit is tight

  • tahj weber

    fuck dat shit iz tight

  • 305STUNNA