’’69 chevy impala on 22s

Just like Peter Parker, J-Dog’s Spider-Man–themed ’69 Impala had to deal with a lot of doubters in its climb to the top. Having first found the car in haggard shape with what he describes as a “hideous chameleon paint job”, J set out to flip this Green Goblin into a superhero as a testament to the work his shop (J Dog Kustomz) was capable of.

“First we were just going to paint it, but then we decided to do suicide doors, figuring they’d really turn heads on a car this long.” And though they do, for J it didn’t make sense to stop at a one-trick antelope. “I had come up with the design for a front-flipping hood about ten years back, but nobody would ever let me do it on their car. This was my chance to really show that it would work.” With the forward three openings swinging out at unexpected angles, something had to be done in back so that it “didn’t look stupid”—hence the unique side-opening trunk design, along with swivel bucket seats inside. With moves more dazzling than the webbed-wonder’s high-flying acrobatics, J’s Impala not only shows off his shop’s abilities—it has the competition shouting “Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man.” W.G.


Owner: J-Dog

Year/Make/Model: 1969 Chevy Impala

Rims: 22-inch Filos one-offs

Paint: Black with candy-apple red bowling-ball effect, Spider-Man airbrushed murals

Interior: Full leather retrim with swivel front seats.

Exterior: Suicide doors, front-tilting hood, side-tilting trunk lid

Audio/visual: Alpine 7-inch DVD player in-dash, 3 12-inch subs, Alpine components, keyless remote doors, trunk and hood

Engine: 383 stroker with aluminum head, stainless steel headers, 350 Turbo

Suspension: Custom-built airbag suspension with 7-inch rise/drop capability

Shout-Outs: Nicky Harris and Renee’s Upholstery

  • james

    ur car is off the chain

    • http://jdogkustomz.com jdog

      thanks for the comp dog glad you dig!

    • stephon

      why would u do that to a impala…u should have put some 22s on it and left like it was

    • lcscorpio

      dude! spider-man is my favorite marvel and to see him on a hot ride like that its beasty!

  • Armand Moore

    What kind of paint is that…….is that marbelized?

    • http://jdogkustomz.com jdog

      yeah dog its a candy bowlin ball fade,peace!

      • DBoy504

        how much u paid 4 everthing..

        tell me

  • latrondotson

    yall need to come to Belton sc. we riding big down here 2 4’s 6’s 8’s what yall got we got come ride with us i have an 76 cutt dog with an 383s u wont to run give me an call (864)932-0449

    • http://jdogkustomz.com jdog

      keep your eyes peeled for our next big thing

  • http://621349 snoop

    whats happnin woodie that car is off the chain homie i got a 72 buick skylark on 28s 450 small block what it do

    • http://jdogkustomz.com jdog

      thanks dog ,I love those damn buicks my first car was a 71 with the sun coupe option wish i still rolled in it.

  • jawun

    those are the best cars ive ever seen

  • m.o.e.

    i hav 1 of those buick sun coupes;would u like 2 take it off my hands? holla bac!

  • Ace Duce

    Luv dem shitz man. BIG ups cuz. Fo real

  • H~Towns Finest

    That car is hott honey let ppl hate on it u still look good rollin it, neways i got a 77 cadi eldo biarritz and everyone keeps hating on me for the simple fact im a female u got ne slick ass ideas to throw my way to kepp the haters envying me?

  • http://jdogkustomz.com jdog

    J Dog Kustomz is hosting a huge car show in commerce ga atlanta drag way, may 16-17 2009 lets get the big boys out there and show em how we do it in the dirty south . open to all classes . trophies and cash prizes. along with drag racing by the outlaw racing street car association. swap meet and car corral. info at jdogkustomz.com

  • Gmacjr76

    Dis is the SHITZZZZZ!!!

  • Shaquille Thomas

    Hey I was wondering if u could get me el camino painted like that but without the spiderman, just the bowling ball effect