Monkey Face

’73 chevy caprice classic on 26s

Sticks and stones may break bones, but “Chago” never minded being called a monkey. Instead he embraced his childhood nickname (chago is spanish slang for monkey), and built a car around it.

Like most DB&B stories, the history behind this orange on cream Caprice Classic is another rescue mission. But this time around, somebody had to become homeless for it to happen. “We found it in a backyard,” says Chago. “The door was done up in plywood. And there was a dog living in it.” After the flea-bitten tenant was evicted, the huge task of remodeling started almost immediately. “It really had to be completely restored—there wasn’t much on it besides the frame that was worth keeping.” Not digging the boarded-up look, a door was found off a less fortunate donor, and the ’73 started to once again resemble a car rather than a shanty.

“I wanted to build it to make my brothers proud,” he says. “They’re all locked up now.” Unfortunately, Chago’s now off to serve a bid of his own, but is still riding high on the fact that his finished product is truly bananas! W.G.


Owner: Chago

Year/Make/Model: 1973 Chevy Caprice Classic

Rims: 26-inch Dub Ganja Floaters

Paint: Cappuccino frost with orange flame

Interior: Ostrich leather (matched to top)

Exterior: Orange checkerboard flag with “Monkey Face” mural on trunk lid

Audio/Visual: 28 speaker/5 screen audiovisual system, including 2 RE Audio MX 15s in Trunk & 22-inch Sharp LCD in dash

Engine: 400 small block

Suspension: Lifted by South Side Customs, Ft. Myers, FL

Shout-Outs: Wife Tara, brothers Jorge & Robert Ortiz and Joey Ramirez. Ray-Ray, Nicco and
Giovanna, Daddy will miss you!

  • latron dotson

    that shit is hard nigga i would paint the rims red or leave it like that that shit raw

  • Vergial Davis

    Who makes the cappuccino frost paint

  • Carlton

    Tight car I like the paint job.

  • Carlton

    Very nice car.

  • joshua ortiz

    thats my unk chagos donk!!!

  • Terry Davis

    Im looking for a 73′ Caprice, do any one know where or who I can buy one from?

  • Terry Davis

    I’m looking for a Caprice like this one, do anyone know where or who I can buy one from?


    whut up monkey the car turned out good just yo ass some love i’ll see you when you get out

  • Thad

    That shit hott cuz

  • T.Money

    dat shit hard folk real talk u did a hell of a job with dis one

  • caprice

    Can I Ride N Yo Car? LOL! Dat Shit Hot Doe I’m Feeln Dat!

  • 1971 impala vert

    That go hard boy!! Me and My bro worken on verts, we about to put cali on the donk map!!

  • courtney woods

    yea i have 1 my num is 7188108770