1986 Box Chevy

Owned by Al Jefferson, Minnesota Timberwolves

Owned by Al Jefferson, Minnesota Timberwolves

  • jonathan

    yu reppin da suicide doorz mee tu
    bad ass car yu pimpin!!!!

  • http://yahoo keyunta king

    goddamn man thid shit tite as ffuck but wait til i get mine hooked up like dat

  • trevor

    nice car

  • http://google ladarius

    that bit right it go hardin the paint

  • http://facebook thomas

    that hot

  • bryan

    nice and clean bruh…..

  • Zack

    Box Chevy’s are the shit

  • cody

    dis car is lamee

  • lilya

    mann my ppl in mobile shittin on that shit yall aint seen nun come to mobile see how we ride

  • Dylan

    minnesota all day eastside st paul dats wat up big al

  • http://www.rainbowrock.com Jonesha

    man i love this car. . . and its exactly like mines and i just love this car

  • http://riders jhoga

    Nice box al! I have a 86 myself. Keep reppin da box!