What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and so do we. Apparently, I was outvoted by the other members of Team RIDES when it came to setting the alarm clock. It’s 1:30 PM and we are just waking up. The rest of the Bullrunners are at the Las Vegas International Raceway taking hot laps, which... Read more »

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Even before man discovered that the world was round, we’ve relied on maps, granted the ones then were a tab bit inaccurate with the earth not being flat and all, but today’s GPS navigation is on point, and I depend on it like a welfare check. Ben on the other hand would rather play Carmen... Read more »

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Beats courtesy of The Underdog Four hours of sleep is far from respectable, but then again neither is raging every night so you wake up forgetting how you got there, and then proceed to get on the road to tear the tarmac like you don’t need a driver’s license. But like ya birthday, Bullrun only... Read more »

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Reciprocity is when one state reports traffic violations to another, making getting a ticket away from home just as painful to your license. With no hard facts, I convince myself that this does not exist in Canada. Apparently, everyone is driving under this belief. The caravan we are cruising with has everything from a Bentley... Read more »

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“Sir, your Vette is blocking everyone in,” states an anonymous voice on the phone. It’s 7 AM, and there is still a hint of inebriation taxing my coordination. The Bullrun pre-party kept many of us rally runners running way into the morning, fueled on ten buck libations courtesy of the Gansevoort Hotel. The voice lied,... Read more »

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BULLRUN:Starting Line

ABOUT BULLRUN Bullrun is kicking off for a 3,000 mile New York to Los Angeles cross country rally. This is an all out throttle fest boasting 100 cars, 200 drivers, 8 days and 8 sleepless nights. RIDES Magazine is taking a Corvette ZO6 in this one of a kind event. The world’s premier super-cars embark... Read more »

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