The $250,000 Icon Thriftmaster Truck

Only five will be built, is it worth the bread though?

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ICON is known for producing vehicles that appear vintage and mildly restored on the outside but in reality are handcrafted, mobile works of art. Icon is back with a new ride, the ‘Thriftmaster” truck which is hardly conducive to it’s name as it boasts a cool quarter million dollar price tag. Based on a classic late ’40s/early ’50s Chevrolet 3100-series pickup, the Thriftmaster has all the old school styling you’d ever want with every imaginable new-school comfort that we enjoy on new cars. The question is, does the price justify all the work behind it? For a handful of collectors (ballers), we’re sure it will be.

For more info on the Thriftmaster, head over to Icon’s site here!