The Top 10 Custom Cadillac Escalades Featured In RIDES

We pick the top trucks that redefined the game.

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    NUMBER 10: Green may be the color of money, but you don't see it on too many whips. Which means this Escalade stands out all the more for it.
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    NUMBER NINE: Shades of purple are one of the more popular choices among the custom Esco set, and this Cali example shows off why.
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    NUMBER EIGHT: Don't let the front end fool you—this Escalade's from the year 2000, not 2008. But a front end swap, along with a well-rounded customization program, vaults it onto our list.
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    NUMBER SEVEN: You might not think sea foam green is the best color for a rig nearing three tons, but this Escalade wears it well enough to blow us away.
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    NUMBER SIX: As we learned recently, even Japan has the Esco game locked down tight. Almost as tight as this truck on a tiny Japanese road...
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    NUMBER FIVE: Many Escalades are done up to the nines, but there's a place for clean and classy—like this white number that sits low and plays it cool.
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    NUMBER FOUR: Jonathan Ivy's latest whip graces the newest issue of <i>RIDES,<i/i>, and as you can see, he's still redefining the game.
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    NUMBER THREE: One look at that purple paint job should be all it takes to convince you of what makes this Escalade excellent.
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    NUMBER TWO: A six-inch chop, a slam to the floor and a menacing matte black paint job will set any Escalade apart—but what makes this monster supreme is the audio arsenal inside.
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    NUMBER ONE: With an untouchable color scheme running inside and outside, impressive audio, and 32-inch rims, this Escalade is the complete package.

We doubt that anyone at GM could have guessed back in the day the Cadillac Escalade would prove as popular as it has with the custom car world over its 15-year life span. And with an all-new generation of Escalade dropping this fall, we’re sure it’ll continue to be a popular platform for customizing all across the land (and even overseas). We’ve gone through our archives and pulled together a list of the 10 hottest Escalades ever to grace the pages of RIDES Magazine. But of course, if you don’t agree with any of them, we won’t know unless you leave a comment below…