The 10 Best Custom Shops Featured In RIDES

There are many car shops, but only 10 can be the best.

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  • 813 Customs
    10. 813 Customs— A relative newcomer in the <i>RIDES</i> landscape, 813 has been putting out quality Donks, Camaros and even has their own line of pre-fab interiors for Donks.
  • Platinum Motorsports
    9. Platinum Motorsports— Living like celebs and working like professionals, Hollywood's own Platinum Motorsports is one of the only places in the world to paint and modify a Bugatti Veyron. Oh, and Bugatti was cool with it.
  • Rides-MC-Yellow-Jeep-3
    8. MC Customs— All-stars in customizing baseball players' whips, Miami's go-to high-end remodeling shop will have you swinging for the fences.
  • rides-midwest-custom-paint-lineup
    7. Midwest Custom Paint— Located in Ohio by the Indiana border, MCP focuses on beautiful paint jobs while still being able to properly tuck 6s or take the frame off your '67.
  • Sandman Designs
    6. Sandman Designs— Hailing from Nashville and sporting his name in the company, Sandman not only builds top-of-the-line one-offs but also has the ability to render your dream before one weld is put down.
  • Ultimate Audio
    5. Ultimate Audio— Reppin' the 803 and producing some stellar results, UA is known for putting out simple one hour stereo installs or 1000 hour complete builds. You want it, you got it.
  • Bowtie South
    4. Bowtie South—Known for taking classics and making them work flawlessly in the 21st century, Bowtie South will make that old-school shine like it just came off the factory floor.
  • ultimate auto
    3. Ultimate Auto— For almost 20 years Ultimate Auto has been serving custom appetites out of Orlando, Florida with some of the finest examples from luxury, to exotic, old-schools and modern muscle.
  • Spade Kreations
    2. Spade Kreations— Ohio based Spade Kreations is a mixed bag of creation. From fifth generation Corvettes on 26s to one of the baddest Cutlasses we've ever seen, Spade has no problem shaking the general consensus in order to see their vision fully realized.
  • West-Coast-Customs
    1. West Coast Customs— Taking car customization to the extreme and reinventing the way popular media sees car culture, West Coast Customs took <i>Pimp My Ride</i> worldwide, paving the way for custom shops the world over.

It’s one of the truths of the custom car world: You can’t have world-class custom cars without world-class custom car shops to build them. So in today’s installment of our list series celebrating our 10th anniversary, we put together a list of the ten best custom shops in the game. Hit the gallery above to see the list for yourself, and if you disagree (or agree) with us, let us know in the comments.