This Week’s 10 Worst Instagram Photos Tagged #Donk

On Instagram straight flexin'...

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  • iglimo
    We figure this Instagrammer posted this out of jest. Love the 'money' sign placement.
  • igVic
    This Crown Vic is kinda clean for a former police car, but still not a Donk.
  • ig300
    This must be from overseas because we doubt anyone in the states would dare try this. Regardless, it's far from a DONK.
  • IGTrixBox
    Hard to believe anyone ever thought this was acceptable.
  • igvanlife
    This kinda looks like a high school auto shop experiment gone wrong.
  • igSubaru
    A photoshopped Subaru on a photo of the RIDES promo taxi from years back.
  • igMerc
    This Grand Marquis is just chillin' in the snow, why you gotta hate?
  • igLouisV
    2 Chainz has everybody goin' Louis V crazy.
  • igliftedbox
    Gee, thanks for that detailed description, Mr. Know-it-all. #NextTimeDontCaption
  • igboxhate
    You mad though?? This person definitely is not fond of cars on big wheels.

Of the over 50,000 photos on Instagram sporting a DONK hashtag, roughly 90% of them are some chick showing her ass (literally and figuratively) to the world. The other 10% is mis-labeled cars and of that 10%, about 1% are actually Donks by definition. As we’ve started to gear up for the next edition of Donk, Box & Bubble, we decided to check out what Instagram had to offer and the results had us shaking our heads.