RIDES‘s Top 10 Cars From The Fast & Furious Franchise

As the sixth installment of the Fast & Furious series is on the horizon, we look back at some of our favorite rides from the films.

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  • fast+furious+70+charger
    Probably the most iconic car of the series, the '70 Charger has been through its fair share of drama.
  • 84+grand+national
    Dom's '84 Grand National jumped off the fourth <i>Fast & Furious</i> with a bang and made America fall in love again with the sole muscle car from the '80s.
  • fast+five+2011+charger+srt8+matte+black
    Even though 2012 Chargers were used as police cars in <i>Fast Five</iV, for some reason they chose 2011 SRT8 Chargers for the chase scene—but we ain't mad.
  • fast+furious+4+70+chevelle+ss+wheelie
    Even though Dom had to ditch the gorgeous red paint scheme for the matte look to get him off the radar, this '70 Chevelle SS was still a beast in its primered facade.
  • 2009+dodge+challenger+srt8
    Dom's widebody '09 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 wrapped up <i>Fast Five</i> just right.
  • nathalie+kelly+mustang+67
    What we mainly remember from <i>Tokyo Drift<i> is Nathalie Kelley, Han dying, the Nissan RB26DETT-powered twin turbo '67 Mustang... and Nathalie Kelley.
  • 2001+eclipse+spyder+2fast+2furious-2
    Was it gaudy? Yes. Was it an awful mix of ricer and bling? Of course. Would we ever drive it? Hell no. That being said, we have to give Tyrese some props for pushing the limits with this one. It's been reported that the actor disapproved of the original rendition of his ride in <i>2 Fast 2 Furious</i> so much that he paid for all four prop cars to get re-mounted with new 20" wheels, new interiors and new paint schemes.
  • 73+camaro+f+bomb
    This '73 Camaro had a small role in the fourth <i>Fast & Furious</I> but still left its mark on some bad guys.
  • 99+skyline+2fast+2furious+Skyline+R34+GTR
    Even though Brian's Skyline isn't our usual cup of tea, we still have to tip our hats to an ample, fast coupe - especially one that can jump over other cars!
  • 2010+koenigsegg+ccxr
    Roman thought he was stuntin' when he pulled up to Tej's Garage in this rare 2010 Koenigsegg CCXR.