Mansory Carbonado is a Carbon Fiber Clad Lamborghini Aventador

With only six to be made, Mansory tuned the Lamborghini Aventador with a steady carbon fiber diet.

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Mansory is known for their wild bodykits and over the top styling. So it’s refreshing to see something with a bit more subtlety to it. The Carbonado model takes your standard “boring” Lamborghini Aventador and adds multiple carbon fiber add-ons. Mansory basically used a high-tech autoclave process to form new panels for the Aventador out of high quality carbon fiber, leaving no panel untouched and a body kit that screams exotic. The new model is also faster and has a quicker top speed thanks to the ultralight materials. Full details are below but don’t expect a cheap pricetag, cause with only six available, it’s gonna be a sellout.

Check out the rest of the details at the official Mansory site.