10 Reasons Why ‘Need For Speed’ Is The Worst Car Movie Of All Time

Don't you dare compare this to Fast 'N Furious.

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  • Imogen-Poots-in-Need-for-Speed-2014-Movie-Image-2
    Token chick with British accent.
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    Michael Keaton.
  • need-for-speed-movie-review-03
    Driving erratic for no reason.
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    Air support?
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    Cars no one cares about.
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    The Crew.
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    Improper use of automotive terminology.
  • Need-for-Speed-Ford-Mustang-info-and-specs
    It’s actually a Ford commercial.
  • shelby-mustang-gt500-need-for-speed-movie-2014-1920x1200
    Unbelievable automotive feats.

1. Over-acting. Aaron Paul’s character seems to be on the verge of crying or having a panic attack the entire movie with that sort of curious/confused/deranged look on his face that seemed to work in Breaking Bad, but not in Need For Speed. The rest of the cast follows suit.

2. Token chick with British accent. Why does Hollywood think this tactic tricks us into believing the cast has some depth or intelligence?

3. Michael Keaton. The actor and his character in the movie – both are terrible.

4. Driving erratic for no reason. Anyone who has owned or driven a fast car knows you simply don’t hammer the throttle at every possible moment, drive on the wrong side of the road or purposely try to get in police chases. Be reckless, but with a purpose.

5. Air Support? So you want us to believe your little gang of shade tree mechanics has access to planes and helicopters to aid you in your street racing?

6. Cars no one cares about. Although we all appreciate a fine automobile, most genuine car guys could care less  about a trio of Koenigseggs. The way the doors open is pretty dope, though.

7. The crew. Do these guys look like they could build you a high performance vehicle? The naive kid with the strategically soiled shirt but perfectly Bieber-esque hair will never convince me he turns wrenches.

8.  Improper use of car terminology. As soon as the British chick mentioned the ‘racing headers‘ and got credit for being on her game, I was done. There’s countless examples of this througouht the film.

9.  It’s actually a Ford commercial. No hate towards Ford intended whatsoever, but we could have done without the two-hour-and-ten-minute advertisement. Hey, at least we got to see a 2015 Mustang at the end!

10. Unbelievable automotive feats.  To the point where it’s insulting to a remotely knowledgeable car guy. So you’re trying to convince us that any car, let alone THIS Mustang is doing over 230 MPH on track like Road Atlanta (where it was shot)? Does it have a secret jet pack? Stop it.

  • Ron Ross Jr.

    omg thank god for online sites im soo glad i didnt pay to see this

  • Tyquon Dupree

    that movie wasn’t even bad it was a good movie see the reason people say its bad cause yall never played the need for speed games smh

    • cliff the great

      The people who played the need for speed game werent the ones in the garage building their own cars. Therefore the movie is a “bad car movie” not a bad movie. …