14 Things We Want To See More Of In 2014

2013 was a good year in the custom car world. Here's what we want to see more of next year!

- Pro Touring Cars With Big Rims. We’ve always loved these cars but now that people are stuffing 24x15s out back it just makes them that much better!

- Custom C7 Corvettes. Admittedly, the TS Designs/Forgiato/JC Customz C7 set the bar pretty high this year. Will somebody else take the C7 crown in 2014?

- Attention to Stance. At this point in the game, if your ride isn’t sittin’ right then you’re simply irrelevant.

- Street Muscle. As much as we appreciate and respect a clean muscle car on rallies, a customChevelle on staggered wheels is hard to beat.

- Colorful Matte Wraps. Keep the crazy colors coming!

- Old School Trucks. Trucks have always been in style but the versatility and functionality you get from a custom old school truck is un-paralleled. Be on the lookout for a certain ’71 C10 build coming soon!

- Kandy! Kandy/Candy paint will never go out of style. Ever.

- Frame-Off Builds. The game has elevated to a point where if your old school isn’t broken all the way down and built from the ground up, it’s probably not in contention to earn a top spot.

- Custom Luxury. So you have a BMW 745 with stock paint on rims. Who cares? We don’t.

- Innovative Wheel Designs. We saw plenty of wild wheels in 2013. Who’s gonna bring it in the new year? 

- Quality Car Shows/Events. The car shows, events and hangouts are what keeps custom car culture alive! Got an upcoming show we should know about? Hit us up!

- 1991-1996 Impalas & Caprices. Who doesn’t love a Bubble? We think they’ll be back in style in 2014.

- LSx Swaps. This is becoming far more common and we love it simply because it makes some of these old schools much more driveable.

- Air Bag Suspension Systems. It ain’t about mini-trucks anymore! Air bags are popular across the board and will continue to be in the new year.


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