The Top 10 Ways You Know You’re Addicted To RIDES

If you're reading this...we're saying there's a chance.

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  • milton-logan
    10. You have more copies of <i>RIDES</i> at your desk then we got at ours. [Shout-out to Milton Logan for keeping a dope collection!]
  • RIDES, Donk, Chevy
    9. You know the true definition of a Donk—a 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impala or Caprice.
  • RIDES, Donk, Chevy, Trinidad James
    8. You recognize cars you see in music videos from when they showed up in <i>RIDES</i> .
  • RIDES, Chevy, Chevrolet
    7. You know <i>RIDES</i> is no longer the "illest," but is now the "realest car magazine ever!"
  • RIDES, Kate Upton, Ferrari
    6. You know that Kate Upton is the <i>RIDES</i> office crush.
  • RIDES, Evo, Crenshaw
    5. You've drawn a picture of a member of the staff. Or two. Sometimes in awkward positions.
    4. You can tell what kind of wheels a car is rockin' at a glance. From across the parking lot.
  • RIDES, HBO, Wire
    3. You take <i>RIDES</i> with you everywhere you go. (As seen on HBO's <i>The Wire</i>)
    2. You've left everyone on the staff voicemails of you rapping. (Seriously, somebody keeps doin' this to us.)
  • RIDES, Tattoo
    1. You've got a <i>RIDES</i> tattoo.

You say you can quit anytime you want to, but you aren’t fooling us. If any of the above apply to you…you may suffer from RIDES addiction. But that’s not a bad thing.