The 10 Best Celebrity-Inspired Pieces Of Art Received by RIDES

Readers drew 'em and sent 'em to us—now we're sharing the love.

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  • DaShawn Singleton
    10. Nicki Minaj and LeBron James by DaShawn Singleton
  • L. Perry
    9. Rick Ross by L. Perry
  • Kiven Foster
    8. Nicki Minaj by Kiven "K-PO" Foster
  • Kevin Knight
    7. Tupac by Kevin Knight
  • Bruce Valentine
    6. Rick Ross by Bruce Valentine
  • Adrian Washington
    5. Snoop Lion by Adrian Washington
  • Thomas Newell
    4. T.I. by Thomas Newell
  • P. Butler
    3. Lil Wayne by P. Butler
  • Moses Jackson
    2. Michael Jackson by Moses Jackson
  • Larry Ransom
    1. Rick Ross by Larry Ransom

We get a lot of art submissions from loyal readers here at RIDES. Often times, they feature scenes from the ‘hood or wild custom cars, and sometimes they even feature members of our staff. But a lot of them feature celebrities—rappers, athletes, movie stars and so forth. So in honor of all those celebrity-inspired pieces of artwork we’ve received over the last decade, we put together this list of the ten best pieces of work featuring somebody famous.