The 10 Most Controversial RIDES Feature Cars

One way or another, these controversial rides earned their fame.

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  • #1975-j.ivy-chevrolet-caprice-donk-gold-front3-4th
  • 1975-j.ivy-chevrolet-caprice-donk-gold-front3-4th
    10. Ivy Gold Donk<p>This Donk received some of its criticism, admittedly, due to some of the lofty claims <i>RIDES</i> made about its spot at the top. But were we wrong?
  • Chrysler, 300C, Rides
    9. Monster 300C<p>Was it too chopped up? Too custom? We didn't think so!
  • Chevrolet, Caprice, Asanti, Rides
    8. Donk Done Dope<p>Years ahead of the gold rim revival we're seeing today, the fact that an outrageous Donk on gold Asantis graced our cover surprised many.
  • Chevrolet, Camaro, Rides
    7. Green 'Maro on 30s<p>The first Camaro on 30s and unofficially the first to kick start a new era in the big wheel trend, this Camaro was definitely stirring up the controversy.
  • Chevrolet, Corvette, Rides
    6. Corvette Gone Big<p>For most, anything bigger than a 20/22 combo is outta bounds—but the boys at Spade Kreations took it to the limit with this one!
  • swift-candy-bmw-645i-'vert
    5. JC BMW 645Ci<p>When this luxury 'very hit the streets, many of the Bimmer faithful viewed it as an abomination.
  • bentley-nissan-altima
    4. Bentley Altima<p>A part of the Frankenstein rides craze, this Nissan in Bentley clothing wasn't too bad to us but received plenty of hate.
  • Chevrolet, Phantom, Caprice, Rides
    3. Phantom Donk<p>At the time, there wasn't a more talked about custom car in the game and the chatter didn't cease for years.
  • Chevrolet, Chrome, Camaro, RIdes
    2. Chrome Camaro<p>Arguably one of the first high profile street cars to attempt the reflective wrap, when this SS 'vert dropped it drummed up quite the stir on the streets and web alike.
  • Chevrolet, Camaro, Gold, RIdes
    1. Gold 'Maro<p> By the far the most controversial feature yet, this Gold ZL1 clone set the 'net on fire <a href="">with a little help from a few sites.</a>


Over RIDES‘s 10 year history, we’ve featured a lot of cars that raised a stir—but none more than the 10 cars on this list. Whether they’re sitting on the biggest wheels, wearing the flashiest paint, or even being outfitted with new sheetmetal, these 10 cars have proven themselves the most controversial to ever be featured in the pages of RIDES.

Stay tuned—in honor of our 10th anniversary, we’re rollin’ out a new list every day this week and next!

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