10 Features Your Car Needs To Score A RIDES Cover

Wanna grab that cover spot? Better have your bases covered!!!

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  • Reputable Shop
    10. Reputable Builder(s). On rare occasions a diamond-in-the-rough can appear out of some random garage but for the most part, cover-worthy rides are being built by professionals as were these luxury whips from Platinum Motorsport in Los Angeles.
  • X Factor
    9. The X Factor. Not all of our cover cars meet the full requirements. Some are fortunate enough to be a part of a larger group like a car club or they simply have amazing luck and/or timing and help us fill a supporting slot.
  • Moldings and Trim
    8. The Details. It's imperative that everything on your ride fits the way it should including all the proper moldings and trim in the right places.
  • Brakes
    7. Brakes. This varies a bit between old school and new but for the most part, stock or base model brakes won't cut it. If it says Baer, Brembo or Wilwood you're on the right path!
  • Custom Trunk
    6. Custom Trunk. Your system doesn't have to boast 50,000 watts of power but it better be clean and it better feature quality (nothing you can find at a flea market) equipment.
  • Interior
    5. Interior. It's gotta be custom and it's gotta be quality. No stock cloth guts around here!
  • Rims
    4. Wheels. Expensive wheels aren't a necessity but it's a must that your rims have the proper fitment, offset and overall appeal.
  • Motor
    3. Motor. If it aint pretty, it better be powerful and vice versa. There's not an exact science to finding the sweet spot between beauty and brawn but the closer you get, the better your chances.
  • Paint
    2. Paint. Although it may not always be evident in pictures, the true final measure of any custom ride is its paint. It doesn't have to be KANDY but it certainly has to be RIGHT.
  • Money
    1. Money. We're not going to lie, no matter how many hook-ups you can score, building a cover-worthy car typically takes a small fortune.

The coveted cover spot, most aspire to obtain it but few ever do. Do some cars get lucky and piggy back a more-qualified ride? Of course. But for the most part, if your ride doesn’t meet these requirements, it probably won’t get a shot at the front page. And as nothing is absolute, these 10 essentials are a good start.