2012 Detroit Auto Show: The Concepts

Some are just dreams, but some might come true.

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  • 12-Concept-TRU140S-00483.jp
    <b>Chevrolet Tru 140S</b>
    It rolls on 21s, looks like it'll do 200, and might hit production for around 20 stacks. Too bad it only makes 150 horses...and they all go to the front wheels.
  • 12-Concept-CODE130R-0077.jp
    <b>Chevrolet Code 130R</b>
    Consider the Code 130R a new Chevelle that was left in the dryer 20 minutes too long. It's rear-wheel-drive and seats four people, but under the hood sits a tiny turbo inline-four. It's one V8 swap away from excellence.
  • #lincoln-mkz-concept
  • LincolnMKZConcept_02
    <b>Lincoln MKZ</b>
    Let's shoot straight—Lincoln has been playing minor league ball these last few years in comparison to Cadillac, Mercedes and the rest of the luxury teams. The MKZ Concept, a thinly disguised version of the new MKZ sedan, is Lincoln's latest move to up their game with some fresh style. We're still not sure what we think.
  • NSX_1
    <b>Acura NSX</b>
    The first NSX dropped 21 years ago, and it stayed on sale all the way through 2005, winning fans through a combo of classic sports car looks and incredible handling. The NSX concept seen here is Honda's attempt to recapture that magic. It's destined for production in 2013, complete with a "super-handling" all-wheel-drive hybrid system.
  • audi q3 vail
    <b>Audi Q3 Vail</b>
    With 314 horsepower, tight styling, and sport-utility presence, the Q3 Vail concept is a package not to be underestimated. Based on the Q3 sport-ute currently being sold in other parts of the world, the Vail hints at the version coming to the U.S. soon. If it's like this, it could be seriously dope.
  • Lexus_LFLC_Concept_007
    <b>Lexus LF-LC</b>
    There's a lot of ways people describe Lexus, but "stylish" usually hasn't been one of them. The LF-LC is a sexy, high-class hybrid coupe that brings a gust of fresh air to the brand—here's hopin' they throw a V8 under the hood and build it.
  • naias-debt-detroit-vw-e-bugster-beetle-2012-premiere007-15-1326105124
    <b>VW E-Bugster</b>
    Does an electric Volkswagen Beetle excite you? Yeah, us neither. But we will say the Bugster's chopped roofline, plus-sized (for a Beetle) rims, and C-shaped LED foglights give the Bug much-needed toughness.
  • volvo xc60 plug-in
    <b>Volvo XC60 Plug-In</b>
    Sport-utes have been popular for decades now, but a lot of people want to have their SUV cake and get good gas mileage, too. Volvo's XC60 plug-in hybrid is the Swedish way to get Americans used to a hybrid Volvo they plug in at night.
  • Smart-For-Us-side-cargo-e1326144983822
    <b>Smart For-Us</b>
    We can't keep track of the number of times we've said, "Y'know, what the Smart car really needs is a pickup truck bed." Oh, wait, we've never said that. But now that they've built one, it actually makes a tiny bit of sense—if they threw in a bed cap.
  • Toyota-NS4_Advanced_Plug-in_Hybrid_Concept_2012
    <b>Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-in Hybrid</b>
    Toyota is currently workin' hard to expand the current Prius into a four-car lineup, but the NS4 is designed to look deeper into the future of hybrids. Among the highlights: it recharges from an outlet, has a smartphone-inspired control system that learns from you, and uses four new kinds of glass.
  • Nissan-e-NV200-1
    <B>Nissan e-NV200</b>
    It's an electric minivan. It combines all the excitement of an electric car with the coolness of a minivan. Thanks, but we'll take a QX56 instead.
  • chrysler 700c
    <b>Chrysler 700C</b>
    Chrysler didn't have much to say about the 700C—instead of a press conference for it, they just kind of stuck it in the back of their booth and waited for people to check it out. Don't be surprised to see some of those design features show up on the next Chrysler/Dodge minivans, though.

The Detroit Auto Show opens to the public this Saturday, but over the last two days, the world’s automotive journalists were treated to a special sneak peek of all the latest and greatest whips brought to the show by the various car makers who showed up. But since we know you can’t all make it to Detroit this January, so we’ve pulled together a look at the best and brightest stars of the show. First up: the concept cars. Flip through the gallery above and check ‘em out.