2011 SEMA Show

Las Vegas, NV /// November 1-4, 2011

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  • rides sema 2011 29
    Platinum finished work on this matte white Bugatti Veyron just in time for it to steal the show.
  • rides sema 2011 23
    Couldn't fit a Benjamin under that!
  • rides sema 2011 25
    Looks like a Porsche, right? It's actually a Nissan 370Z. Consider your mind blown.
  • rides sema 2011 30
    Mmm-mmm! Green is good.
  • rides sema 2011 9
    SWIFT Chicago's Hummer is an audio powerhouse.
  • rides sema 2011 28
    Wall of sound.
  • rides sema 2011 31
    We'd "like" this on Facebook...
  • rides sema 2011 26
    Thin that red stripe out a little, and this could be a world-beater.
  • rides sema 201127
    You won't see many Bimmer wagons done like this one.
  • rides sema 2011 24
    We'll drink to this—but then somebody's gonna have to drive us home.
  • rides sema 2011 22
    Just don't park this outside if it's gonna snow. You'd never find it.
  • rides sema 2011 7
    There's room to hang out and watch the game under there.
  • rides sema 2011 21
    Old school, played well.
  • rides sema 2011 8
    Challenger front end on a Magnum body? We approve.
  • rides sema 2011 20
    (sound of drooling)
  • rides sema 2011 19
    On its face!
  • rides sema 2011 11
    That's not a Camaro—that's an LX platform with a Chevy front end. Talk about mixing and matching...
  • rides sema 2011 12
    When dogs take this stance, we usually get back.
  • rides sema 2011 10
    What do you think of those rims?
  • rides sema 2011 6
    That ain't a wheel, that's a coffee table!
  • rides sema 2011 1
    Probably the wildest build at SEMA this year.
  • rides sema 2011 18
    We were about ten seconds from stealing this 'Stang...but then security showed up.
  • rides sema 2011 16
    Scion brought plenty of fresh wares like this xD, but we're after that red FR-S in the background.
  • rides sema 2011 15
    Why would you buy a $150K Bentley, then mess it up like this?
  • rides sema 2011 14
    Our friends at ANTENNA Magazine put together a few nice Kias; this just happened to be our favorite.
  • rides sema 2011 2
    We now pronounce the Benz CLS the Hottest Car of 2011. Discuss.
  • rides sema 2011 17
    Our first look at the Aventador came at SEMA. Now we're gonna have to find $400,000 ASAP.
  • rides sema 2011 3
    Mansory SLR. Still not sure how we feel about it...
  • rides sema 2011 5
    Giovanna holds things down with style at their booth.
  • rides sema 2011 4
    Widebody CTS-V is all we've ever wanted—we just didn't know it until now.
  • rides sema 2011 13
    So long, Las Vegas. We'll be back next year to win our money back.

Story: Will Sabel Courtney

Photography: Andrew Link

We’re back from our long, long week in Las Vegas at this year’s SEMA show, and you know what that means—it’s time to check out the best cars and trucks the aftermarket world has put together. This year’s whips weren’t quite as flashy or insane as they have been in previous years, but there were still plenty of fresh rides to be seen. So check ‘em out in the photos above.

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    Thanks for this awesom picture still a lot to see on the inside trunk and suspension and wheels google my ride as ( Chrysmaro )

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    great pictures never asked for better pictures and id like to go to a show like that some time.keep up the good work rides mag