Autorama World Of Wheels

Georgia World Congress Center /// Jan. 21-23, 2011

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    Obsession Car Club is always a mainstay at the big events in Georgia.
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    The SPADE MADE big rig commanded attention as soon as you walked in the door.
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    The famous Ridler Award–winning ’33 Phaeton was in the house and still had jaws on the floor.
  • autorama world of wheels 4
    Although this hot rod had a bit of an identity crisis, it pulled off its diverse look with class.
  • autorama world of wheels 5
    This gorgeous second-generation Camaro was built in the owner’s garage—not bad!
  • autorama world of wheels 6
    It’s refreshing to see someone put $200K into a first-generation Firebird once in a while.
  • autorama world of wheels 7
    Bordering on pro-touring status, this bubble-top Imp had the best stance at the show.
  • autorama world of wheels 8
    So crisp it looks like a wrap, but be clear: This airbrushed masterpiece was a pure talent exhibition.
  • autorama world of wheels 9
    A true hot-rodder can fade purple into orange and still make it a show winner.
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    Sixties styling for the old-school hot-rodders!

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photgraphy: David Yates

Arguably the most popular and distinguished car show series of our time, the Autorama World of Wheels came back to the ATL for their 59th installment, and the turnout was as strong as ever. From frame-off restos to Challengers on 26-inch wheels, the Georgia World Congress Center was full of vehicular diversity, priding itself on having something for every type of automotive enthusiast. RIDES veterans SPADE Kreations came out from Cincinnati in a matte-black semi full of custom whips to rattle some cages.