Riding Big Car Show And Concert

Orlando, FL /// November 21, 2010

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  • riding big car show 1
    This Dodge Ram doesn't need to transform into a robot to be intimidating.
  • riding big car show 2
    This trunk is full of bump.
  • riding big car show 3
    The owner of this whip loves the pink.
  • riding big car show 4
    This Donk looks like someone threw a few different paint buckets at it and crossed their fingers.
  • riding big car show 5
    Backseat comfort in an Impala? No thanks.
  • riding big car show 6
    This geezer definitely gets some points for being unique. But in this case unique is not a good thing....
  • riding big car show 7
    If we were Biggie...we’d say “money-green leather chauffeur” to this Impala’s greener-than-green appearance.
  • riding big car show 8
    This Ford pickup had enough speakers to break every window at the show—and they were nothin’ but quality.
  • riding big car show 9
    This black beauty is about being clean and simple and done right. The contrast in the body and roof really pull the whole package together too.
  • riding big car show 10
    It only makes sense. Floridians are passionate about their orange juice. And why not? It’s the state fruit.

Story: Alex Bernstein

Photography: Randy Cabrera

Since 1998, the Riding Big Car Show has been the highlight of Florida Classic Weekend in Orlando. With more than 300,000 visitors in the area for the highly anticipated football game between FAMU and Bethune-Cookman University, 10,000 car lovers roll out just for the event. For some, the main attraction is the $1,500 grand prize for Best in Show, but others come for the music. This year Dawgman Entertainment and Clientell Music Group had the crowd jumping. As the years go on, the event grows bigger and better, so you can bet that no matter what you go home in, you’ll see some dope whips and soak in some of that famous Florida sunshine.

  • http://ridingbigcarshow.com/ Dawgman Ent.

    This year is going to be even better!
    Nov 20th 2011 it’s gonna be a movie!!!!