2010 Gold Coast Concours

Glen Cove, NY /// September 12, 2010

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  • gold coast concours 9
    The 458 Italia—hard to believe it'll run laps around the Enzo.
  • gold coast concours 8
    Bimmer's 135i might be the badge's entry-level coupe, but when done right, it definitely holds its own with the big dogs.
  • gold coast concours 4
    BMW's E46 M3 is a staple in the world of performance, and this one's reppin' the famous colors and racetrack attire.
  • gold coast concours 3
    A GT brings some American muscle to the show, decked out in old-school Ford Racing livery.
  • gold coast concours 2
    MAC's own Tech-Art Porsche holds it down with a matte-silver paint job.
  • gold coast concours 1
    Ferrari's million-dollar Enzo—not much needs to be said of this fine piece of automotive perfection.
  • gold coast concours 7
    A Myrci drop-top, coated in Lambo's juicy shade of orange, sits on Savinis and dares you not to stare!
  • gold coast concours 6
    In stock form, the Benz CLS is dope, but when sittin' clean on some polished lips, it's irresistible.
  • gold coast concours 5
    It's not often you catch an IS-F rollin' in the streets, and when you do, chances are it ain't Wald kitted. Get a good look!

Story: Alex Bernstein

Photography: Andrew Link