South Florida Man Sets New Record!

Most Custom Genres Represented On The Same Vehicle In The Same Year!

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  • double+0+k5+started
    Started from the bottom..
  • double+0+k5+lexanis+2
    Lexani 26s.
  • double+0+k5+lexanis+1
  • double+0+k5+lexanis+3+pit+bull+dog
  • double+0+k5+irocs+chrome+1
    Chrome IROC 26s.
  • double+0+k5+irocs+chrome+2
  • double+0+k5+irocs+RED+1
    RED Irocs.
  • double+0+k5+irocs+RED+2
  • double+0+k5+irocs+RED+palm+beach+raceway
  • double+0+k5+irocs+RED+south+beach
  • double+o+hot+rod+2
    Hot Rod / Rat Rod Look.
  • double+o+hot+rod+1
  • double+o+hot+rod+3
  • double+0+k5+irocs+RED+bike
    The bike is a nice touch.
  • double+o+k5+wires+2
    Wires & Wide Whites!
  • double+o+k5+wires+3
  • double+o+k5+wires+1
    Sittin' right!
  • double+o+k5+wires+4
  • double+o+k5+wires+1

True custom vehicle lovers have no boundaries and embrace every style in the game. Our boy, Double O has flipped his 1982 K5’s style more times this year than we’ve ever seen on the same ride and we gotta commend him for it! When asked why he did his K5 this way,  Double O explains, “It’s kind of a tribute to my Dad because that’s what he used to ride when I was a kid so it reminds me of him,” he says. “He passed a few years back and he loved cars and that’s where I get it from.”

For more of Double O’s life with custom vehicles, follow him on Instagram!