SEMA 2013: Best Of The Toyota Exhibit

Running the gamut from Corollas to Tundras.

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  • toyota sema 2013 rides 4runner
    Oakley did a nice job outfitting this 4Runner to their style.
  • toyota sema 2013 rides camry rally car
    A Camry rally car? Aight, aight...
  • toyota sema 2013 rides corolla
    Freshening up the new Corolla .
  • toyota sema 2013 rides dc tacoma
    We actually checked out that little tent.
  • toyota sema 2013 rides rav4
    This RAV4 looks like it could tear up some back roads.

Toyota’s probably not the first car company you’d think of when you think of someone making RIDES-spec custom cars, but the whips they brought to SEMA surprised us by just how legit they really are. We wouldn’t mind rocking some of those trucks they brought—and that Camry rally car may not be our normal steeze, but we didn’t mind checking it out.