SEMA 2013: Best Of The Honda Exhibit

Honda and Acura alike brought some novel new custom cars.

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  • rides sema 2013 acura vip rlx
    Acura gave the VIP style their stamp of approval with this RLX concept.
  • rides sema 2013 silver hood acura
    The Acurta RLX Urban Luxury Sedan is our cup of chai, y'know?
  • rides sema 2013 bike
    This cycle looks like it'd be straight up Bruce Wayne's alley...
  • rides sema 2013 gold acura
    From Florida to Japan, everywhere RIDES goes, people love gold.
  • rides sema 2013 honda odyssey slammed
    Slammed, reupholstered, stances-out—this Honda Odyssey may be the baddest minivan we've ever seen!
  • rides sema 2013 civic race
    Matte red 3M wrap on an Accord? Legit.
  • rides sema 2013 civic
    You could lose yourself in that art.
  • rides sema 2013 civic si
    One way to make any Civic Si better: Add a racing style.
  • rides sema 2013 civic race
    Make like the Rolling Stones and paint it black, right?
  • rides sema 2013 accord coupe
    We've always had a soft spot for the Accord Coupe.

Honda proved themselves truly in the SEMA spirit with a host of dope concepts for 2013. Their Acura line brought some seriously ill sedans, while Honda’s own section included amongst its custom cars and bikes a menacing motorcycle and one of the coolest minivans we’ve ever seen.