The 10 Hottest Exotic Cars At SEMA 2013!

Ferraris? Lamborghinis? Rolls-Royces? They're here, and they're customized.

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  • rides-sema-2013-aventador-pearl
    10. A little bit of pearl paint and the setting sun are all this Aventador needs.
  • rides-sema-2013-porsche-911-apple
    9. Apple's old logo suits the paint scheme of this Porsche nicely, doesn't it?
  • rides-sema-2013-copper-rolls-royce
    8. Copper's an underused color, but when done right, it looks spectacular. This Rolls-Royce Ghost does it right.
  • rides-sema-2013-mischa-porsche-911
    7. A Misha Designs body kit gives this Porsche 911 a little something extra.
  • rides-sema-2013-ferrari-458-gold-wheels
    6. It's "Gold all in my watch, gold all on my wheels" for this Ferrari 458.
  • rides-sema-2013-ferrari-f12-white
    5. The Ferrari F12berlinetta is hot off the boat, but several found their way here. This matte-white example took the "best F12" prize, though.
  • rides-sema-2013-liberty-walk-gt-r
    4. Liberty Walk whipped up this menacing Nissan GT-R.
  • rides-sema-2013-lamborghini-gallardo-pearl
    3. Widen, repaint, add bigger rims. This Gallardo knows how it's done.
  • rides-sema-2013-forgiato-aventador-yellow
    2. Forgiato's yellow Lamborghini Aventador drew more stares than Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.
  • rides-sema-2013-liberty-walk-ferrari-458
    1. The Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italian in the Nitto booth is wild enough to make Ferrari's own LaFerrari super car look tame.

You can find every kind of car at SEMA—including plenty of high-dollar exotics. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Bugattis, if it’s on sale today and it costs as much as a house, odds are good you can find it here. We wandered the halls (a lot) today to find the ten best custom exotic sports cars at the show and bring ‘em to you. We hope you dig it.