Linny J’s Top 15 Pics From The 2013 FAMU Homecoming

Didn't make it down to Tally? LJ's got ya covered!

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  • linny+j+famu+lineup
    Candy Coated Clique
  • linny+j+jt+fx+dubs
    JT from the ATL killin' it with the teal with Ms WhootyBoo to his left.
  • linny+j+diggy+camaro
    Diggy's Camaro
  • linny+j+745+on+30s+famu
    Stuntin' in a 7 series
  • linny+j+baby+blue+donk+forgiatos
    Baby blue seven-tre.
  • linny+j+famu+bentley+donk
    Bentley and a Donk; nice combo.
  • linny+j+famu+chevy+forgiatos
    Clean and classy.
  • linny+j+audi+a8+on+30s+asanti
    That's an Audi A8 on 30s. That is all.
  • linny+j+famu+lp+murano
    LP killed it with her new paint by our boy Sudamar!
  • linny+j+orange+donk+famu
    Watch out new schools, Donks are still the kings. (Is that Kevin Hart next to it?)
  • linny+j+pink+impala+32s+forgiatos
    New school Imp on 32s.
  • linny+k+challenger+famu
    Chally on Dubs.
  • linnyj+famu+red+donk
    Boss Status.
  • linny+j+jt+teal+2
    JT stoppin' traffic.
  • linny+j+traffic+famu
    Skittles in traffic!