21 Ways To Customize Your 2013 Range Rover

Thinkin' about scooping up the new Range Rover, but not sure what kind of wheels would be a good fit? Check out this gallery for the dopest sets of shoes we've seen thus far.

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  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-2
    24-inch Agetro C100 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-21
    24-inch Gianelle Yerevan wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-20
    22-inch Lumma CLR 22 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-19
    24-inch ADV5.2SL 3-piece Forged wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-10
    24-inch Agetro W150 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-22
    24-inch Agetro W150 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-18
    22-inch Vossen VVS-CV3 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-17
    22-inch Vossen VVS-CV1 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-16
    26-inch Vellano VTI wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-5
    Lexani Lust wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-15
    PUR 2WO wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-14
    PUR 9INE wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-13
    22-inch Gianelle Santo-2SS wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-12
    24-inch Euro 10 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-9
    XO Luxury Milan wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-8
    24-inch Vellano VKJ wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-7
    Vellano VM03 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-6
    XO Luxury Milan wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-4
    22-inch Vellano VM03 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-3
    ADV08.1 wheels
  • rides-2013-land-range-rover-wheels-rims-1
    22-inch CEC c883 wheels

So obviously Land Rover’s 2013 Range is a sweet SUV, and it just recently hit the dealerships. Not many have been customized already, making it hard to imagine what would look best on it. If you’re like us and want to cop one to treat it with some new rims and paint (knowing how sick it would look), here’s our top 21 list of the hottest custom 2013 Range Rovers. Check ‘em out, and peep the bottom captions if you want to know what kind of wheels each whip is rockin’.