Impala Dreamin’

A '72 Impala on 26's

  • http://rides.mag randy

    that bitch is clean as a fuck hands down

  • J BOOG

    That muthafucka clean as hell. thats what a donk should look like. It aint about the biggest wheels to show how much money you spent its about giving the car some style and class. KEEP IT TIGHT!!!!

  • jhon smith

    that bitch clean

  • EpiphanyT

    I think I died and went to Heaven.

  • http://yahoo Marquavious Bailey

    im feelin the color tough. iterior is realy hittin but ive been seeing too many of those rims. thats why sold mine. not a hater cuz u ridin clean ass hell my nigga

  • ludacris

    $ $ yea yea

  • Jerronimo

    Nice whip! I’m diggin the “Grandma Green” color. Keepin it OG with a lil more shine!

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